Korben wears the Purple Cape

Korben wears the Purple Cape

Mid-fired stoneware, applied underglazes, rough sawn walnut

10"h x 5"w x 5"d 



  • About

    Korben is a rescued black bear, residing at the Austin Zoo. I have sculpted a bronze piece of him in commemoration of his life and resiliency.  This version of Korben is part of a series of small ceramic sculptures depicting iconic animals in capes standing upon a weathered sphere.  He would look amazing on a mantle, tabletop, office desk, bookshelf, etc.  He is first modeled in stoneware clay and allowed to dry for a couple weeks.  After reaching greenware stage, I paint several layers and colors of underglaze.  At this point I bisque fire him to cone 05.  I then use a black underglaze wash to accentuate the textures and movements and have a final fire of cone 5, the clay's maturity.  My interpretation and representations of the subject can be found on the Caped Heroes page of my website.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.